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Water Retention/Waste Water Treatment Plants

waste water treatment

Many engineers are not aware that there are specific design codes required for the design of the structures in a waste water or drinking water plant. Designing the reinforced concrete tanks and structures of a drinking water or waste water plant to comply with ACI 350 is something we have been doing for years.

We are well positioned to efficiently design and detail these projects.

water retention

Water retention can be an integral part of many industrial processes.

CES provides solutions.


Levees certification and re-certification involves the evaluation of an existing barrier that is used to protect property from flooding. This certification determines weather an area is inside a flood plain and may increase the levels of flood insurance coverage that a property owner must carry.

CES was partially founded to fill the need for municipalities to have their levees re-certified, so that they may continue to keep lower insurance requirements for their residents and businesses.

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