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"Your office is very communicative; they answered all of my questions, provided a clear & concise written report of findings, and accommodated my tight schedule. I've used them before and have always had excellent service from them."

"... wanted to thank everyone at Cole Engineering Solutions for your excellent service. We were so impressed... We really appreciated his taking the time to explain everything to us as he went through his inspection. He has a great blend of intelligence and humility. Thank you for getting the report to us so quickly too. I will be happy to complete a review at Angie's List. You can also be sure that we will recommend Cole Engineering Solutions to friends and associates in years to come. We look forward to doing business with you again soon."

"... very professional engineer. He inspected the house, roof, and attic, and gave us a beautiful inspection report shortly after the inspection. He was also very happy to answer our questions on the site, and gave us a lot of good suggestions. More importantly, 1 month after the inspection, I emailed him the sellers engineer's inspection report for his opinions, and he was so nice to read the long inspection report and give us good suggestions. I would be very happy to recommend Cole Engineering Solutions to anyone who would like a house structure inspection."

"... was professional and competent. He designed the repair for my basement (structural and waterproofing). He recommended three companies to do the repairs. He worked well with the companies as I was in the process of selecting one to do the work, and modifications to the plans were being discussed. He stayed in touch with the company I chose, coming out to review the work, and giving his approval of the work at the end of the project."

"... very thorough and professional. He went all the way down to the creek at the bottom of the hillside to confirm that the typical geology for the region does exist at this location. He examined the interior of the house as well and studied what settling had occurred and provided his opinions on the downhill creep. I was very pleased with his verbal communication while he was doing the inspection. When I didn't understand what he was talking about, he was very patient and explained it in layman's terms."

"... answered my questions as to problems and work that would be needed to be done, and the timing I had to deal with it. His knowledge of older homes and issues with sub par concrete saved me a lot of time and money! The written report was first rate and was emailed to me with a very quick turnaround time, which was a big help in my dealings with the seller."... did an excellent job on the 1st property I had him review and I'm happy to have him looking at this one."

"Cole Engineering Solutions came out and verified work that had been done on a retaining wall for a home that my buying client was wanting to purchase. She was a first time buyer and the explanation to her of the scope of the work that was completed by another company gave her the understanding she was needing to make a decision about whether or not to purchase. He uses language the general population understands and steered clear of industry logo that often leads to miscommunication. He made her feel at ease about the questions she asked."

"... Your report is concise, clear and consistent with what you communicated to me during the inspection; it appears to contain sufficient information to permit us to move forward with negotiations with the sellers. As requested, first consideration will be given to utilizing your services in addressing the recommended repairs. Thank you."

"Thank you so much for the report. we shared previously, we will not hesitate to call you again to check out any future homes for us."

"They structurally inspected my stone foundation and deck. He saw the problem with my foundation and told me what I needed to do to fix it. Great experience with this company and would recommend to others."

"I called the office and needed this to be set up quickly. This was not a problem. ...was on time, very professional, and explained everything to me on my level. He was very thorough in explaining the reasons for the cracking (not just that yes, you have cracks and that is OK, no worries). He let me know about the cycles of dryness and wet that affect the foundation of the garage and what to do to keep this more even (downspouts and the roots of the near-by tree). I am not concerned about this issue on my potential house. He has explained the issue and has told me how to monitor it in the future. I am very pleased and would highly recommend..."

"Received report, Very thorough and timely. I would recommend you to others."

"... did an excellent job on the 1st property I had him review and I'm happy to have him looking at this one."

"Thank you for following up. We have the beam in and are attaching some brackets to it tonight. Everything has gone well. My contractor and I are confident that the recommendations provided meet or exceed what was needed to do the job. I would, and will recommend Cole Engineering in the future."

"I had to take a second to tell you what a fabulous job you did teaching the Structural Issues C.E. (Continuing Education) class this week. Thank you for your ability to take confusing abstract concepts and turn them into highly visual "dummied down" engineering explanations. I not only learned a great deal about structural issues and possible solutions, I actually found it all quite fascinating. I will definitely keep your contact information for myself and for referrals to others. Excellent work!"

"To the best of my knowledge Brandon was satisfied with the inspection and report provided by your company. I was there when the engineer came out and felt that he was informative and knowledgeable in all aspects. Brandon's questions were answered and we were able to request the proper repair from the homeowner. Thanks for everything and I will continue to refer my clients to you guys!"

"... did an excellent job and he's definitely on my list of preferred structural engineers to call on in the future."

"Went into and over every aspect. Inside and outside of home, including basement, roof, and attic. Very thorough. Explained what they were looking for and why. If something did appear out of ordinary it was explained as it should be, and also what would be necessary to correct the issue. Very professional, answered any and all questions with very reasonable answers. Worth the price for peace of mind, also to be sure you will not immediately encounter unexpected major issues. Great service. Great company to do business with."

"I thought the engineer was great. I also thought the fee was fair. It was very easy to communicate with you. ... I was more than pleased with his services, the fee, and how you handled scheduling everything."

" I am pleased with the work you did for me. My only regret was I didn't find you in 2011 before I had any work done. I will be happy to recommend Cole Engineering Solutions to anyone who needs your services."

"This review was supplied by a local realtor... The contact was entirely satisfactory and very useful for this seller. These people had lived in the house for 47 years and, like many of us, didn't know the condition. I would certainly refer other clients to you."

"... inspection and report were very thorough and addressed all of my concerns. I would definitely recommend Cole Engineering Solutions in the future. I'd be happy to add a review on Angie's List."

"No questions, no concerns. You've been terrific. I just left an A+ review on Angie's List."

"... inspected the home we are purchasing for three possible issues. ...was prompt, attentive, professional, and willing to explain in detail the issues we were facing. His report was thorough. We are happy with his service and will use his services in the future."

"I just wanted to pass on a small word of praise... I appreciated his professionalism, communication skills, willingness to answer all of my questions, and timeliness. Based on my experience with him thus far, I would certainly want to continue working with Cole Engineering Solutions in the future and would recommend your services."

"It went well. The engineer assessed the situation, explained the condition that had caused the concern, and worked with me to create a solution that was appropriate for the condition. As an engineer myself, I appreciated his knowledge and ability to explain his thought process. Initially I had attempted to work with some other engineers in the area and I was very disappointed with their higher cost, lower quality output, and lack of responsiveness (especially when I shared that I was dissatisfied with their output). Cole Engineering not only responded to all of my emails, calls, and questions promptly, but they also treated me with respect both before and after receiving my payment. I have recommended this firm to my co-workers and will continue to do so."

"Great! ... very professional and personable. The report written was in layman's terms to help us understand where there were safety concerns and defects requiring corrective work to bring the house up to standard/code/safe."

"My experience on the project was good. I'll be using CES for the 3rd time tomorrow morning. Consider me a satisfied customer."

"We all were very satisfied with the work that you did... It is rare to find a structural engineering firm that is responsive in a timely way for residential inspections and plans. As you are aware, time is always of the essence in a real estate transaction; you are one of the few that delivers great service in this way. Thanks for your great service. I'll be happy to continue to refer you."

"I was very pleased with the work performed by Cole Engineering and would be happy to recommend your services anytime. Also, I am interested in some follow-up work."

"The engineer was extremely knowledgeable and took time to answer any questions I had while he was onsite for the inspection. He delivered his report on time and with a good level of detail. I would recommend CES to anyone with foundation questions about their home or the home they are buying."

"Provided a structural analysis and beam design to replace a load bearing wall. I have worked with Cole Engineering Solutions many times and I am always pleased with the responsiveness, professionalism, and of course, the cost of their work is affordable. I recommend them highly. "

"Arrived, did their work and gave me verbal report, then sent written report. Easy and well done."

"The engineer was flexible about timing so that my brother could also attend the inspection. He took his time explaining where the weight bearing was. He confirmed that we were able to remove walls."

"The engineer did a great job and I appreciate how quickly he got to the property. Absolutely will continue to be my top structural engineer."

"The services provided during the on-site, and the final report, were outstanding. I am very pleased and impressed with the entire process, from making the first call to receiving the report. As far as recommendations, I will certainly encourage anyone I know buying or selling a house regardless of history or age to contact CES and request a structural inspection before they list or before they buy."

"Thank you for the follow up. Was very pleased with the evaluation and report. Would use and/or refer someone to your organization."

"Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our needs and for your thorough report of findings. We will follow through with your recommendations to determine best solutions for our foundation problems and will be in touch soon to move forward on finalizing plans. We will be glad to review your services on Angie's List at the end of the process. At this point, we have been extremely pleased with your work and the concern you have shown for helping us with this very difficult and stressful problem."

"Couldn't be happier with the service received. ...arrived on time and was very professional. He listened carefully in order to understand my concerns, and proceeded with an in-depth cause and effect investigation. ...explained the actions he was performing and their implications. He was very knowledgeable, detailed, and thorough. I would not hesitate to work with Cole Engineering Solutions again."

"You guys did an excellent job, providing practical advice, which we are following. I would recommend you to others."

"My clients and I were pleased with the service your company provided us. It was very thorough and detail oriented. It helped us in our negotiations with the seller to better the deal that my clients received. At the same time, it helped educate not just my client, but myself, on structural issues that are concerning when purchasing a home. I will continue to recommend your services to others in the future."

"Would highly recommend Jeremiah Cole [Cole Engineering Solutions] based on the experience I had with them in April of 2017. The engineer that was sent to do the consult on the prospective house I was buying (John) was very knowledgeable, personable and willing to discuss every potential option to an unpleasant situation. After thinking about what option to pursue and working with the seller, Jeremiah himself worked with me to create a plan, find a contractor to complete the plan (who was also of the highest quality). The repair that was done was a perfect solution to a very complex problem that had no straightforward resolution path at the outset. Would recommend these guys to anyone."

"I have now referred your company twice this year. At this point you guys [Cole Engineering Solutions] are the only engineering company I will refer. Chris Schwartz was the engineer both times and my clients and I felt his assessment was honest and thorough, even when it wasn't what we wanted to hear. He did a fantastic job of explaining to me and the clients what was going on with the foundation, why it was happening or what causes the issue. Most importantly he did it in a way that was comforting and reassuring. Debbie in your office was always friendly and helpful when scheduling appointments and helping with requests. Overall without question I will refer your team to my clients whenever needed. It's very clear your company values the customers and are always friendly, two items that seem to be lost with other companies. I can assure you my clients feel the same."

"Please thank Chris [Schwartz] for his quick and thorough report. I appreciate him going above and beyond to complete the report today due to my deadline."

"We are always happy with the service and expertise provided by Cole Engineering. The service was thorough and prompt and the follow up report was easy to read and valuable. Thanks for always being a part of exceptional customer service we try to provide to our clients!"

"I believe [our client] was extremely happy with the service. And it's easy to refer your company...responsive, not an alarmist, great reputation."

"I was very pleased with the service provided. Your engineer spent a lot of time ensuring that all my questions were answered and really took the time to look at any potential structural issues that were happening. It was determined that my floor slope was just due to normal settling in a 91 year old house, but if we ever had structural issues in the future, your company would be who I call to fix them. Thanks for the great experience! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a structural inspection service."

"The service was absolutely amazing. Chris [Schwartz] not only was professional in providing his expert analysis, he made sure he was available for any questions and follow ups. He was extremely responsive and always available when we needed him for consulting and/or meeting with our contractors."

"It went well. Debbie Spurlock, the office manager, discussed levels and cost and scheduled a visit by the structural engineer in a timely fashion. Chris Schwartz, the structural engineer came as scheduled on time and completely discussed with us our concerns and then carefully inspected the house. He answered all of our questions and sent within a week a detailed 5 page report with an appendix of photos to explain the recommendations. We would use and recommend Cole Engineering Solutions again."

"...I appreciate your[Chris Schwartz] thoroughness and professionalism... I attended a program on foundation issues that was presented by Jeremiah[Cole] yesterday morning. Well done presentation and well-received by those in attendance."

"I would not use anyone else after my several experiences with Cole Engineering. Your people are always professional and informative and present very good reports that are easily understood by me and my clients, allowing us to make educated decisions with regard to structural issues. The last one[report] you did... was part of what convinced my client to let the house go and find something else. That was a great decision and he loves his new home. Another huge factor for me is that I can trust you give a report that is honest as you are not looking to do any of the remedial work that might be needed. Many thanks..."

"I was really impressed how available Mr. Cole was after my home inspector...recommended I seek a structural engineer's advice. Time is of the essence in these home inspections-under-purchase-contract, as your [CES] office knows. Because of Mr. Cole's advice, I feel like I avoided a very serious risk to my life savings, and had the confidence to make a very important decision for myself and my wife. I could not overstate the value of Mr. Cole's service for my situation. I will always be grateful to him...."

"The buyer was very impressed with your professionalism that day. It was a little rough with the listing agent there and their structural engineer. Thanks again for the great service!! You are the one I always recommend. You have always done a great job for my clients."

"We were very satisfied with your service, including the high-quality report that documented your investigation. It provided important, needed information in a professional manner. "

"Thank you so much! Y'all have been fantastic. "

"It went very well. A very thorough inspection of the property. "

"You guys did an awesome job! My buying experience would not have been great without you guys. You guys help make the seller accountable and you made us feel secure in the home. Our family thank you guys tremendously! "

"The service was top notch and the Engineer on site was very thorough and professional. Since, we had [water sealing contractor] come out and patch one of the spots that needed attention. I will definitely recommend Cole Engineering to anyone who needs structural engineering services. "

"Everything was fantastic. I will surely recommend you to anyone that needs your services and will hop on and give you some 5 star reviews right now. Thank you for everything! "

"Fantastic job! Arrived on time, very professional, and was able to assess the situation and give recommendation on how to fix and remedy the situation. Will use again in the future. Thank you! "

"I would like to strongly recommend the engineer we worked with for any future work. He was extremely friendly, polite and knowledgeable. Our realtor pushed him to rush his report and for answers (more than we planned to or were willing to push) due to offer contract expiration, and he stayed up late to finish our report. We took his recommendations and backed out of the contract thanks to the concerns he voiced. The house had a lot of unknowns as far as structure and foundation, so we did not want to mess with purchasing a house in this condition. I cannot express how thankful we were to have someone be honest and up front with us, as first time home buyers. We will certainly refer your company to anyone looking for a structural engineer! "

"We are very comfortable with the high level of professionalism and integrity Cole Engineering has to offer. The level of dignity [with which] you treat our clients is beyond other companies in our area. "

"I will definitely be recommending your company in the future!"

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