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Residential Structural Investigations

A home is the most significant investment most people will make. A quality structural investigation, performed by a licensed structural engineer, combined with a thorough home inspection, will ensure that this investment is sound and well made. All fifty states require professional licensing for structural engineers.

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termite damaged wood beam

Professional licensing requires a four year, ABET accredited degree, passing two eight hour exams and being mentored for four years by a licensed Professional Engineer. Having a reputable Professional Engineer review the general structural condition of your home will give you the peace of mind that your investment is structurally sound.

failing foundation wall

If there are structural deficiencies found, a licensed structural engineer has the expertise to design and detail repairs which are compliant with the current building code. The design that the engineer produces should then be given to a licensed, bonded contractor, familiar with residential construction. Such a contractor can provide a written estimate for the construction cost. While some engineers will attempt to give ballpark numbers for this, such a practice normally results in wildly inaccurate prices which do more to create confusion rather than clarity.

drywall cracking

Cracks in drywall, or plaster, finishes DO NOT necessarily indicate structural deficiencies. When cracks are found there are several pathways a homeowner can take to identify to source of the problem. If a structural assessment does not clearly identify a specific cause, CES can provide periodic monitoring. Monitoring cracks for movement can prevent homeowners from implementing cosmetic repairs that may have to be repeated.

manufactured home

Having an accurate estimate on the cost to repair structural deficiencies benefits both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. This helps ensure that a fair and equitable price to each party is negotiated.

CES also specializes in the area of foundation inspection / HUD certification for manufactured homes. Please check our manufactured homes frequently asked questions page for more information.

We also provide continuing education service to local businesses.

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