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Cole Engineering has addressed a myriad of projects which do not fall into the conventional project categories. From bleachers, to entertainment type structures, to ornamental handrails and stairs, signs, awnings, etc., we have the ability to analyze and design a broad spectrum of different types of projects.

fire escape

The City of Cincinnati is currently requiring building owners to inspect fire escapes attached to their buildings. We are familiar with the current mandates that the City has recently published, and are effective in providing the documentation the City is looking for. As structural engineers we are licensed professionals qualified, willing, and able to perform these investigations. Please click here for additional information.


Bridges are a critical aspect of transportation infrastructure. Whether a bridge is used to access private property, span obstacles on a small country road, or on a major highway, failure of the structure is not optional. CES can provide a complete structural analysis of your existing bridges or provide designs for a new structure.

deck assessments

Wood decks, and decks in general, are a highly desired design element of both single family residences and apartment complexes. The materials used in deck construction can often deteriorate faster than other aspects of a structure due to constant exposure to the weather. If you have concerns about the structural integrity, CES provides complete assessments and repair designs for commercial and residential decks.

decorative railings

The IBC (International Building Code) requires that handrail, guardrail, and their supports must be designed for 50 pounds per lineal foot, applied in any direction at the top of the top rail, and a concentrated load of 200 pounds applied in any direction at any location along the top of the top rail. What does this mean? If a guardrail or handrail run is 50 lineal feet in length, that system must be able to withstand 2,500 pounds of force (50lbs/ft x 50 ft run = 2,500 lbs). The connections for these systems can be simple for basic building materials but become more complicated with decorative guardrails.

materials testing

Handrail, guardrail and materials testing are methods used for ensuring the ability of materials to meet the standards required by various building codes. We apply forces to various points of materials and connections , and provide documentation to prove that your architectural feature will comply with the necessary building codes.

grand stands

Safety is a very important aspect of public facilities.

Tough Mudder

Entertainment structures, or temporary structures, for festivals and celebrations often require permitting from city or county authorities.

Just because a structure is unconventional, doesn't mean we can't handle it.

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