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Industrial Design

Industrial structural engineering has its own unique set of challenges and issues. Industrial projects can range from small scale lifters, with unique parts, to large steel structures to support particulate cyclones or cranes. Bridges, stacks, process skids, heavy ductwork, pipe supports, baghouses, air handling equipment, mezzanines, barge modifications, explosion panel design, rigging design, crane design, equipment foundation designs… CES is familiar with them all.

We design to ASME BPV and SMACNA standards.

unique lifters

Lifters can be an integral part of many manufacturing plants. Manufactured products can be any shape or size, requiring unique solutions for transportation and manipulation of those products.

CES provides solutions, for load rating assessments, reinforcement for increased loads, and new designs, to make sure your lifters meet your manufacturing needs.


Mezzanines serve multiple purposes, such as, expansion of storage space and access to elevated equipment.

CES has experience in upgrading existing, and designing new mezzanine structures. We are familiar with creating structural solutions that overcome unique equipment placement and piping locations.

damaged columns

Industrial and manufacturing processes often require large buildings and the operation of heavy machinery. Despite training and safety methods accidents sometimes happen. Damaged columns are a frequent problem, often solved by simple solutions, that can undermine confidence in the structural integrity of a building.

Allow CES to restore confidence in your structures.

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