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Cincinnati Fire Escape Inspection Program

To ensure public safety, the City of Cincinnati now requires an inspection of all fire escapes. This means a visual examination by a professional, or someone under their direct supervision, to check the connections, condition of the metal or wood, and operation, to determine if it is in safe condition and will perform its intended purpose. Program requirements and deadlines are based on the age of the building and must comply with the following:
  • The inspection form and report must be completed by a professional engineer or architect registered and authorized by the State of Ohio and include any recommended maintained repairs.
  • The inspection form and report must bear the seal and signature of the professional making the examination and report.
  • The application must be accompanied with the filing and review fee of $100.00 + 3% technology fee = $103.00 total, payable to the City of Cincinnati.
Notices of examination requirements are being sent out to property owners whose building qualifies for this program. The director of the Department of Buildings & Inspections shall review each report and issue orders to make needed repairs based on the status:
  • Safe
  • Safe With an Ordinary Repair and Maintenance
  • Unsafe
  • Unsafe and Imminently Hazardous
Our engineers are finding that most of the fire escapes they have examined fall in the Safe or Safe With an Ordinary Repair and Maintenance category. The director shall then order that the repairs and maintenance recommended by the professional be performed within the recommended timeframe and that the owner or person in control resubmit a report indicating that the repairs and maintenance conform to the recommendations. Penalties, fines, and Class D Civil Offense charges may apply to owners that do not comply.

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